Masters in Analytics

The Department of Statistics offers a part-time Master of Science in Analytics that offers courses from the top-ranked Mays Business School and is open to working professionals with strong quantitative skills, for example bachelor's degree holders in the sciences, mathematics, business and engineering fields. Skills learned are applicable in utilities, manufacturing, information, healthcare, natural resources, transportation, warehousing, finance and insurance, and many other sectors. Review Coursework


Return on Investment

A hybrid of the most sought-after skills in every industry:  statistics, technological expertise, and business analysis.

  • Few Analytics degrees of this caliber exist. Program revolves around work-based capstone project where students apply what they have learned in order to solve a business problem within their organization.
  • The aim of the five (5) semester, part-time program is to provide comprehensive and balanced training in statistical modeling and predictive analysis to create data scientists that will be thought-leaders and innovators.
  • A part of the Texas A&M family
    • Prestigious faculty from top-ranked Statistics and Business Graduate programs
    • Tap into the Aggie Network, a unique network of thousands of alumni around the world.
  • Take a closer look at what has been happening in the program and what our students have to say about it.

The Value

Why Should I invest the Time & Money?

Upcoming Events


SAS Analytics Experience 2017, Washington DC (Sept. 18-20)
Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, TX (April 30-May 3, 2018)

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Past events

Analytics 2015 Las Vegas banner

Fitting Predictive Models to Solve Business Problems
Workshop with Dr. Simon Sheather

July 14, 2016
Houston, Texas

Using Big Data to Make Better Business Decisions
April 11, 2013
Houston, Texas
Designed for business analysts, data scientists, business intelligence and data enthusiasts.
Additional information

A STAT Chat on the Sexiest Career in 2013 & Beyond

June 20, 2013
Irving, Texas

June 25, 2013
San Antonio, Texas

July 17, 2013
Houston, Texas

SAS Day at Houston CityCentre
October 8, 2013
October 2, 2014
October 15, 2015
October 27, 2016

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We are seeking a class of approximately 60 students for Fall 2017. We will admit qualified students on a rolling basis until seats are filled. We encourage applicants to apply early.

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