Masters in Analytics

The Department of Statistics offers a part-time Master of Science in Analytics that offers courses from the top-ranked Mays Business School and is open to working professionals with strong quantitative skills, for example bachelor's degree holders in the sciences, mathematics, business and engineering fields. Skills learned are applicable in utilities, manufacturing, information, healthcare, natural resources, transportation, warehousing, finance and insurance, and many other sectors. Review Coursework

Return on Investment

A hybrid of the most sought-after skills in every industry:  statistics, technological expertise, and business analysis.

  • Few Analytics degrees of this caliber exist. Program revolves around work-based capstone project where students apply what they have learned in order to solve a business problem within their organization.
  • The aim of the five (5) semester, part-time program is to provide comprehensive and balanced training in statistical modeling and predictive analysis to create data scientists that will be thought-leaders and innovators.
  • A part of the Texas A&M family
    • Prestigious faculty from top-ranked Statistics and Business Graduate programs
    • Tap into the Aggie Network, a unique network of thousands of alumni around the world.
  • Take a closer look at what has been happening in the program and what our students have to say about it.

The Value

Why Should I invest the Time & Money?

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October 2, 2014
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Designed for business analysts, data scientists, business intelligence and data enthusiasts.
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SAS Day at Houston CityCentre
October 8, 2013
Houston, TX
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MS Analytics Informational Session and Open House
November 12, 2013
February 6, 2014
April 3, 2014
July 29, 2014
Houston, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   I live outside of North America. Can I enroll in the MS Analytics Degree?

A:   Due to the distance delivery method of live, participatory video, the need for group work, and time zone differences enrollment is limited to those that reside in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico). There are currently no plans to expand to offer this degree internationally.

Q:   Are international students able to enroll in the MS Analytics degree?

A:   Enrollees must reside in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico). There are currently no plans to expand to offer this degree internationally. Enrollees must have access to a business problem and large dataset from their employer for the Capstone Project. This will limit eligible international students with appropriate visas to study and work in the USA.

Q:   What is the cost of the MS Analytics degree?

A:   The total cost of the degree is $50,000 for the 5 semesters. It will be billed $10,000 per semester. The $50,000 includes tuition, required fees, books, supplies, hotel and meals during orientation, and a laptop preloaded with software needed.

Q:   Are there assistantships, scholarships, or other financial aid available for the MS analytics degree?

A:    There are no assistantships or scholarships available. We strongly encourage enrollees to request sponsorship from their employer for the degree. Enrollees may apply for financial aid (grants, student loans) via the FAFSA. More information at

Q:   I work for a Non-Profit organization. How do I apply for your full tuition/fee waiver?

Non-Profit Scholarship for MS Analytics
At Texas A&M University service is one of our core values. In that spirit, the Department of Statistics is providing one full scholarship each year for our part-time Masters in Analytics to an employee of a non-profit organization.

Eligibility Criteria
Competitive candidates typically have three or more years of full-time work experience, an impressive academic background or GRE/GMAT score, and currently works with data on a regular basis. Candidates must currently be employed by a non-profit organization willing to provide a business problem and data-set for the program’s capstone project.

Capstone projects for non-profit organizations may include development/donor relations, such as predicting donor behaviors or increasing donations. Or it could include financial/operations costs, predicting revenue, or increasing efficiencies.

To Apply:
Contact Myra Gonzalez, Director at or 979-845-6855. Cohorts are admitted each fall semester. The fall 2014 cohort is expected to be 40 students. Admission is competitive.

Q:   Is a thesis or dissertation required to complete the MS Analytics degree?

A:    Instead of a thesis or dissertation enrollees will complete and present a Capstone project which will be a predictive modeling business question done on a large dataset.

Q:   Do I need to be employed to enroll in the MS Analytics degree?

A:   Yes. This degree is for working professionals with typically three or more years full-time work experience. Much like an MBA program in which course participants learn from each other’s experiences, MS analytics students will engage in discussion about data, statistics, modeling, and related items in their everyday work. Additionally, enrollees must provide their own business problem and large dataset for their capstone project.

Q:   What is the deadline to apply?

A:    To prepare for interviews in July and August 2013, several rounds of admission decisions will be done. Round 3 of Admissions: August 1 is the deadline for pre-questionnaires for the fall 2013 inaugural class. This includes three letters of recommendation and unofficial transcripts. Cohorts are admitted each fall semester.

Q:   Is the GRE required to enroll in the MS analytics degree?

A:    Based on a review of your unofficial transcripts, letters of recommendation, and pre-questionnaire the GRE may be waived. Seats in the program are limited, so we anticipate a competitive pool.

Q:   What is the minimum GRE score needed?

A:    A comprehensive review of an applicant’s file is needed to determine the minimum GRE score. Seats in the program are limited, so we anticipate a competitive pool.

Q:   I've only taken one Statistics course. Do I need to take additional courses before enrolling?

A:   Successful completion of at least one Statistics course is needed to enroll in the MS Analytics degree.

Q:   What level of math skill is required to enroll in the MS Analytics degree?

A:    Enrollees will be fitting and interpreting models, not developing methodology to fit models. Typically math skills acquired in a quantitative field of study such as science, engineering, some business degrees suffice.

Q:   What level of programming knowledge is required to enroll in the MS analytics degree?

A:    Previous programming experience is not required, though experience writing code in any language is beneficial.

Q:   What are the admission requirements for the MS Analytics degree?

A:   Interested students should submit a pre-questionnaire, three letters of recommendation, unofficial transcripts, GRE scores if available. Upon review an invitation to complete an official application and attend a mandatory interview will be sent.

Q:   What do I need for the Capstone project?

A:   Enrollees will need a business problem, a large dataset, a mentor within his or her organization to assist with questions throughout the degree. Enrollees will begin planning their Capstone project during orientation week and submit a detailed project proposal in the second semester.

Q:   When will classes meet?

A:   Classes will be held 6:00-9:30 PM Tuesday and Thursday nights. For those attending in Houston complimentary dinner will be available at 5 PM at CityCentre.

Q:    What courses will I take in the MS Analytics degree?

A:    Please review the following: Curriculum

Q:    How long will it take to complete the MS Analytics degree?

A:    It will take five (5) semesters to complete the degree. For example, the inaugural class will complete their degree in spring 2015: fall 2013, spring 2014, summer 2014, then fall 2014 and spring 2015.

Q:   Which college will grant my MS Analytics Degree upon completion?

A:   The Texas A&M University Department of Statistics in the College of Science will grant the degree.

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We are seeking a class of approximately 40 students for Fall 2014. We anticipate four to six rounds of interviews/admission.
Upcoming pre-questionnaire deadlines are as follows:
Round 4 March 17, 2014
After March 17 we will admit on a rolling basis until seats are filled.

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