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Competitive Admission Criteria

Admission to the Texas A&M Masters in Analytics program is highly competitive. Strong candidate must meet the following criteria and qualifications:

  • Grades

    • Competitive undergraduate or graduate GPA or strong GRE/GMAT scores - For more information about GRE/GMAT see questions 9 and 10 in FAQs
  • Statistics Competency

    • Completed at least one statistics course with an A or B
  • Work Experience

    • At minimum 3 years of full-time work experience
  • Purpose

    • A well-written statement of purpose about how this analytics degree will help your organization
  • Organizational Support

    • Support from current employer for access and mentorship with a business problem and large data set
  • Deadline

    We are seeking a class of approximately 60 students for Fall 2016. We will admit qualified students on a rolling basis until seats are filled. We encourage applicants to apply early.

    Steps for Admission:

    1. Request the link to the pre-questionnaire.
    2. Submit complete pre-questionnaire packet.
    3. Interview (by invitation)
    4. Official TAMU Graduate Admission Application
    5. $1,000 Deposit by May 1
    6. Attend Orientation in Late August

    What to Expect After You Apply

    Within approximately three weeks after submitting required credentials, if competitive, you will be invited for a face-to-face or online interview.

    An admission decision will be given within one week of your interview.


    To be advised.

    Non-Profit Scholarship for MS Analytics

    Service is one of our core values at Texas A&M University. In that spirit, the Department of Statistics is providing one full scholarship each year for our part-time Masters in Analytics to an employee of a non-profit organization. Competitive candidates typically have three or more years of full-time work experience, an impressive academic background or GRE/GMAT score, and currently works with data on a regular basis. Candidates must currently be employed by a non-profit organization willing to provide a business problem and data-set for the program's capstone project. Simply indicate your non-profit work in your "Statement of Purpose" on the pre-questionnaire to be considered.

    There are no other assistantships or scholarships available. We strongly encourage enrollees to request sponsorship from their employer for the degree. Enrollees may apply for financial aid (grants, student loans) via the FAFSA. More information at

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q1:   I live outside of North America. Can I enroll in the MS Analytics Degree?

    Q2:   Are international students able to enroll in the MS Analytics degree?

    Q3:   What is the cost of the MS Analytics degree?

    Q4:   Are there assistantships, scholarships, or other financial aid available for the MS analytics degree?

    Q5:   I work for a Non-Profit organization. How do I apply for your full tuition/fee waiver?

    Q6:   Is a thesis or dissertation required to complete the MS Analytics degree?

    Q7:   Do I need to be employed to enroll in the MS Analytics degree?

    Q8:   Is the GRE required to enroll in the MS analytics degree?

    Q9:   What is the minimum GRE score needed?

    Q10:   I've only taken one Statistics course. Do I need to take additional courses before enrolling?

    Q11:   What level of math skill is required to enroll in the MS Analytics degree?

    Q12:   What level of programming knowledge is required to enroll in the MS analytics degree?

    Q13:   What are the admission requirements for the MS Analytics degree?

    Q14:   What do I need for the Capstone project?

    Q15:   When will classes meet?

    Q16:    What courses will I take in the MS Analytics degree?

    Q17:    How long will it take to complete the MS Analytics degree?

    Q18:   Which college will grant my MS Analytics Degree upon completion?

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