Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the distance delivery method of live, participatory video, the need for group work, and time zone differences enrollment is limited to those that reside in North America.

Enrollees must reside and work in a North American time zone. Enrollees must have access to a business problem and large dataset from their employer for the capstone project. This will limit eligible international students with appropriate visas to study and work in the USA. The MS Analytics program does not assist with student visas.

Yes. This degree is for working professionals with typically three or more years full-time work experience. Much like an MBA program in which course participants learn from each other's experiences, MS Analytics students will engage in discussions about data, statistics, modeling, and related items in their everyday work. Additionally, enrollees must provide their own business problem and large dataset for their capstone project.

Based on a review of your unofficial transcripts, letters of recommendation, and pre-application, the GRE/GMAT may be waived. Seats in the program are limited, so we anticipate a competitive pool. A comprehensive review of an applicant's file is needed to determine if the GRE/GMAT can be waived.

Yes. We have a Veterans Services Office that students work with to use their benefits.

Successful completion of one statistics course is needed to enroll in the MS Analytics degree.

Enrollees will be fitting and interpreting models, not developing methodology to fit models. Typically math skills acquired in a quantitative field of study such as science, engineering, and some business degrees suffice.

Previous programming experience is not required, though experience writing code in any language is beneficial.

Classes will be held 6:00-9:30 p.m. CST Tuesday and Thursday nights. 

Mays Business School at Texas A&M will grant the degree.

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