Get innovative approaches to your industry by becoming a partner with
MS Analytics


Call for Teaching Datasets

The partnership begins with a call for Industry Datasets. Industry partners interested in joining:

  • * Sign an NDA (if needed).

  • * Submit a case form outlining your business questions/problem and describing your data.

  • * Identify a liaison who is available for business insights and questions about the data.

  • * Provide a sanitized version of data with data dictionary.

  • * We assign a team of our top graduate students and a faculty mentor to your dataset

Admission into the MS Analytics program is competitive. Students typically have a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher, or top 25% GRE/GMAT scores, or already have an outstanding graduate degree. We require a minimum of 3 years full time work experience, with the average in our current cohorts of 12.5 years

We encourage your organization to provide sanitized data. Data can be anonymized or rescaled to ensure we do not compromise your data security. Data will be destroyed from student computers per the non-disclosure agreement; however, we do ask that faculty be able to keep the data set as a teaching tool for at least two years.

Results can be shared by students or via live video. It is encouraged to have one or more of your organization representatives attend. Results are typically shared in a Powerpoint presentation. It is not intended for results to be published in academic or industry journals.

We welcome corporate sponsorship and donations to our MS Analytics program. These funds are used for student prizes for project competitions and providing expert and faculty stipends.

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