"The online portion is amazing. The way the staff set it up makes it for an incredible experience. I log in from the West Coast and feel like I'm in class at Houston. True innovation"

-MS Analytics Class of 2018 Exit Survey

Live Online Classroom Experience. Real. Interactions.

MS Analytics Distance Students

Donal C. '19

"I've really enjoyed the material taught in this course. I've learned a lot and the topics are very insightful. I love the notion of teamwork and certainly appreciate it. There's a lot I don't know; and when I connect with my classmates using the technology, we get to talk about the assignments and projects together. We learn from each other. It's a very rich experience: Having classmates all over the country coming together andworking in teams to take on class assignments. I don't think I could've made a better decision."

Laura R. '18

Having an engineering background, measuring results was always inherent to my work. In my early career, I didn’t consider Analytics being a separate career option. It wasn’t until later that I realized that although I used numbers and metrics to track progress, there were limits to my knowledge in that area. So, you can say I fell in to Analytics the hard way. I was also looking for ways to make myself more marketable. I saw Analytics as a path to do both – to learn a new set of skills and to be more marketable in today’s environment. I am detail-oriented by nature and Analytics appeals to that side of me. This program has challenged me in more ways that I have thought possible. My advice to someone wondering if this field is for them is to not be intimidated. Applied analytics is more about answering business questions than about statistical theory. Much of this field is centered on the ability to recognize patterns and visualize trends – skills that many women have.”