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"If you're a working professional who wants a solid analytics
program, Texas A&M Analytics should be at the
top of your list."
-Class of 2017 Program Survey.


We are about more than just data

Ivan Arrington '16 describes his experience in the program in 52 seconds.

Designed for Working Professionals

Take a minute to learn how Alfredo and Patty enchanced their careers with an
MS Analytics degree from Texas A&M.

Patty Stanton '17

Patty’s capstone project, titled ‘Using Decision Trees
to Analyze Patterns in Disability Fraud’ analyzed data from
disability claims filed under the Supplement Security Income
program from years 2014 and 2015.

Alfredo Escriba '17

Meet Alfredo and learn about his experience in the

Women in
Data Science

Kaylan T. '19

Kaylan explains in 30 seconds why she chose our program.

Laura R. '18

Having an engineering background, measuring results was always inherent to my work. In my early career, I didn’t consider Analytics being a separate career option. It wasn’t until later that I realized that although I used numbers and metrics to track progress, there were limits to my knowledge in that area. So, you can say I fell in to Analytics the hard way. I was also looking for ways to make myself more marketable. I saw Analytics as a path to do both – to learn a new set of skills and to be more marketable in today’s environment. I am detail-oriented by nature and Analytics appeals to that side of me. This program has challenged me in more ways that I have thought possible. My advice to someone wondering if this field is for them is to not be intimidated. Applied analytics is more about answering business questions than about statistical theory. Much of this field is centered on the ability to recognize patterns and visualize trends – skills that many women have.”


Class of  2017 Graduates

MS Analytics Class of 2017 Peer Presentation Residency at Houston CityCentre

Congratulations class of 2017!
Surrounded by faculty, employers and
families, students gave shared presentations of their
capstone and the impact it had within their
organizations. Way to go, Aggies!

The Milestone

MS Analytics Program has an 83% retention rate.

"I learned a lot from my peers. The team
structure of the program allows us to learn
from our colleagues as we do from
professors. I'm proud to be in a program
with such talented individuals!"

-Class of 2017 Program Survey.

Nonprofit Scholarship

MSA Nonprofit Scholarship Winners (left - right) Christina, Gopakumar, Christine.

Congratulations to our Nonprofit
Scholarship winners! Christina,
Gopakumar and Christine were
selected out of a competitive pool
of applicants.

 Residency Week

Students gather at Houston CityCentre to kick off program

The MS Analytics Program requires
students to attend three residencies
throughout the 5 semester program.
Students participate in a variety of
sessions ranging from SAS programming,
project management and team building.
This year, residency was  hosted
at Houston CityCentre.

Our Students

Average full-time
work experience
(range 3-40 years)

Business & Economics
and Engineering majors

Hold advanced degrees

Average female

Where our students join from